LWRC International - UCIW Rifle

The UCIW or Ultra Compact Individual Weapon, was developedfor a requirement of the British Special Forces. The UCIW was designed for use by tank and helicopter crew members, andothers who need an extremely compact gun for operations inconfined spaces. With a 7” barrel and a custom made buffertube, the overall length of the UCIW is only 22” with the stockcollapsed. And while small, the UCIW, like our PSD, is capableof raining down a barrage of rifle fire in both semi and fullyautomatic modes. It is available in black , FDE and OD Green.Currently the UCIW is only available in 5.56 NATO.? 

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 7"
Weight (unloaded): 6.25lbs (7" barrel)
Length (overall length): 22.0" (7" barrel)
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto
Rifling: 1/7" RH (5.56)
Stock: CAR
Pistol Grip: MagPul MIAD
Sights: Folding BUIS Front and Rear
Magazine: MagPul 30 rd. P-Mag (5.56) or Barrett 30 rd. (6.8)

NOTE: This item is a Title II weapon (a.k.a. Class 3) and requires transfer through a FFL/SOT holder for purchases that are not local. We can help you search for a transfer dealer in your area through our network of dealers. There is a tax implication to this purchase of a one time transfer fee of $200.00. All NFA rules apply. If you have any questions, please call us, we will be happy to walk you through the process.

LWRC International - UCIW Rifle
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  • Item #: UCIW
  • Manufacturer: LWRC International
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