Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil

Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil is a thin bodied metal treatment that provides exceptional metal wetting and extreme pressure lubrication properties. In addition, this hydrocarbon based formula will clean your gun, repel moisture and resist corrosion. There are two qualities which separate BMCO from other gun lubricants. First, it has the unique ability to reduce carbon buildup by as much as 80%; even in suppressors, .22’s, and shotguns! Second, because of its low viscosity and lack of “solids” like Teflon, graphite and moly, BMCO functions very well at low temperatures; even as low as -50° F.! These properties make BMCO the best choice where close tolerances and/or aggressive environments compromise reliability. It is truly a unique approach to firearm lubrication.

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~ Excellent treatment that lubricates, penetrates, cleans, and preserves metals
~ Proven performance for semi/full automatic guns, black powder barrels and suppressors
~ Better than graphite, PTFE or synthetics ~ Reduces friction and carbon build-up
~ Provides protective coating
~ No build-up or tackiness
~ Protects against corrosion
~ Repels moisture
~ Effective in high and low temperatures
~ Safe to use on polymer



I’ve had an opportunity to use Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil extensively over the past month. The lube was used on several AR-15 weapons both suppressed and unsuppressed. Approximately 4k rounds of 5.56 were fired through the weapons during this time. The lube functioned well and I experienced no malfunctions related to “drying out”. I was a bit skeptical with the consistency of the product (watery) but got over that quickly. Cleaning is where I really noticed a difference. On one specific rifle that was used during a Pat Rogers Carbine Operators course I put 1400 rounds down range through a LaRue Stealth upper on a full auto lower. Around 800 of those rounds were suppressed. Typically after shooting this many rounds the bolt and carrier group are filthy with carbon build up. This was not the case upon inspection and cleaning. The carbon build up was significantly less and was easily wiped off with a rag with the assistance of a synthetic brush. There were two other Maqpul employees who attended the same training and had similar results. I was very satisfied with the performance of Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil. You guys have a winner here. I will continue to use it on all of my fighting rifles and recommend it to anyone inquiring. Cheers.

Drake Clark
Magpul Industries Corp.

I received a sample of several different lubricants in March. I’ve always been very skeptical of lubricants, as everyone is always claiming to have the next best greatest lube, and my boss is known for calling them all Snake Oil salesmen if we get new oils/lubes sent to us.

I took some of the lube to a demo in California; I had an M110 SASS that the USMC shot 793 rounds thru. When I got back to the hotel, I realized we had no cleaning material, so the bore got scrubbed with the lube and copper brush then patched dry. The gun went on to shoot sub-moa with no stoppages thru a demo with LAPD SWAT. At that point I thought I might give the lube a serious look rather than toss it in the pile along with a lot of other donated cleaners, lubricants and preservatives.

I have used the Bob Marvel Custom Oil lube on several different guns from my Larry Vickers 1911, to SR-16E3 and SR-25 rifle platforms. I have been pleased with the results, in both reliability, and ease of cleaning. It seems very light, and I had concerns of it running off and being ineffectual, but used it on a 7.62mm gun for a 1,500 test, which saw 1,100 rounds in less than 2 hours; over half of which were suppressed. Interestingly enough, while no lube was added, the weapon’s bolt was still moist with lube at the end of the session; something I have not found with other lubes.

Kevin S. Boland
Military/Government Product Liaison
Knight’s Armament Company

Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil is some of the best I have ever used. It greatly reduces friction and helps keep parts moving like they should.

Surgeon Rifles

One of the reasons I design a piston system for the AR is because of my driving nature to have a meticulously CLEAN rifle. I have searched and tried every product on the market, looking for a cleaner/lubricant that can be used to clean carbon and can be left on parts as a lubricant. Your product is the answer. I think you have struck GOLD…No pun intended!! Your product is the best I have ever used hands down. I would recommend it to anyone!!

Jason Adams – V.P. Engineering/Founder
Adams Arms, Inc.

I received the sample of your oil this week, and would like to share with you what I have experienced.

I have been working on a 1928 a22 sub machine gun, these firearms are very ammo sensitive and are prone to fouling very quickly. I had been unsuccessful in being able to cycle more than just a few rounds at a time. So just for kicks I cleaned the weapon with your sample oil, and much to my amazement I was able to fire well over 500 rounds of various 22lr. ammo without a malfunction. This amazed me, especially when I disassembled this gun it remained remarkably clean. Since then I have used your oil on several other guns with great success.
John Andrewski – Gunsmith

Bob Marvel’s Custom Oil
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